Let me tell you a bit about us. My name is Nicole. I have been a Floral Designer and Conceptual Interior Designer for over 25 years.  I blend my experience in Design from working in commercial, residential, events and floral design to create the look and feel my clients dream of.

Since I was a child I have always been creative. I guess you would say I was given that talent by my parents, which were both talented in the creative field.  I lived in Quebec for 25 years to raise my two girls as well as owning a flower shop.  My girls are both grown now, so I decided to come back to my hometown of Kingston to continue my journey in design.

I was fortunate throughout my career to work for companies I adore.  I was the Creative Director for a large event company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a Creative Director/Designer for a development company and Floral Designer for a bridal shop, both located in Kingston, Ontario.  Those opportunities help me grow as a designer. I decided to expand my horizons and start L’abeille with my brother Thomas, and his wife, Tamsen.  Together with our combined experiences in business, design and customer service, I am so very excited to start this chapter alongside them. 

I pride myself on the passion I put into my work. Challenges drive me to grow as a designer. I take the time to listen to each client and build the trust with them for their vision to come alive. Hard work and the devotion has led me to what I love doing in life.

I hope you continue to follow our journey with us…..

The Barcier Family

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